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EDI India
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Entrepnuership Development Institute of India as a National Resource Agency [NRA] for co-ordination, monitoring and hand holding support of cluster development interventions at 20 locations. Synergised & consistent support to the Handloom Weavers of 20 selected Handloom clusters across the country through focused yet flexible & holistic Approach.

  • Facilitate, strengthen and provide support services (Training of Cluster Development Executives) for augmenting cluster development initiatives identified by the Office of Development Commissioner (Handlooms).
  • Provide effective monitoring and mentoring services for the development of 20 pilot Handloom clusters at different locations.
  • Initiate an interactive forum for Cluster Development Executives (CDEs), Associations, Business Development Service (BDS) providers, others stakeholders, implementing agencies and support organizations by means of a news letter, brochure etc;
  • Carry out documentation of 'best practices' in clusters that can foster demonstration effect in others.
  • Review quarterly the progress, identify the support to be provided, prepare time frame of actions and seek necessary approval from the O/o DC (HL) wherever necessary.
  • Convene period meetings in close co-ordination with the Apex committee at National level to appraise progress, seek approval and inputs if need be for technical, design development and other such issues deemed fit.
  • Sensitize policy makers about the requirements of Handloom clusters in close co-ordination with the Apex Committee at the National Level.
  • On behalf of DC (HL) disburse the project grant with necessary approval of the Apex Committee & evolve suitable guideline towards the same in close co-ordination with Office of Development Commissioner (Handloom)
  • Ensure submission of reports, audited statement, action plan from the Implementing Agencies from time to time and submit the same back to Apex Committee for necessary perusal.
  • Carry out any other roles as part of IHCDS as assigned by DC (HL) from time to time.