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Consolidated Major Achievements of the 20 Handloom Clusters
[April 2007 March 2011]

  • Total 2276 Self Help Groups (SHGs) has been formed covering 28532 weavers in 20 clusters under this scheme. 2146 SHGs have opened their bank accounts. Successful credit linkages are established with various banks by getting credit of Rs. 1065.03 Lakhs by SHGs. This credit is serving their immediate needs of small working capital and also to meet urgent needs of the family.
  • There are total 55 consortiums formed in all 20 clusters covering total membership of 19807 stakeholders from the cluster areas. The members of the consortiums are 18905 Weavers, 391 Master weavers, 63 Traders, 438 Cooperative Societies/ SHGs. 29 consortiums are registered under Societies Act. Chanderi, Varanasi, Sonepur, Bijnore, Bhagalpur & Burdwan clusters have formed Producer Company Ltd and have been registered Producer Company Act. Trivandrum, Kullu and Gadag clusters have not formed any consortium as their IA is acting as an Apex Body for marketing of the cluster products.
  • 397 awareness camps organized, involving 29380 weavers from the cluster pockets. Weavers were made aware about the scheme and its benefits.
  • 201 dyers workshops organized with participation of 2947 dyers, leading to improvement in dyeing technology.
  • 373 exhibitions and 86 Buyer Seller Meets organized with Total sales & orders realization of Rs.6710.65 Lakhs. Sales generated through CCIC: Rs. 36.40 & Rs. 102.90 through Handloom House, other buyers Rs.3642.93 Lakhs and through the exhibitions and BSMs Rs.2931.42 Lakhs.
  • 3214 new designs developed by professional designers hired by the cluster to provide marketable designs inputs. Rs. 339.27 Lakhs sales generated by designers which are included in sales through other buyers.
  • 69 managerial training programmes organized for office bearers of consortium and local institutions for strengthening the institution building for taking further responsibility of the consortium and CFC management.
  • Yarn Depot: NHDC has supplied total yarn worth Rs.2419 Lakhs completed 482 Cycles (@ Rs.5 Lakhs each) under the yarn corpus provided to NHDC for the yarn depot established in the cluster area befitting about 25804 weavers.
  • New Product Catalogue developed by 20 clusters. 16 clusters have prepared a documentary film on cluster interventions others are under progress. This documentation will be used for cluster's information sharing and creating awareness in the cluster area.
  • Traditional looms -3492 looms upgraded by replacement of reeds and healds. 979 Jacquard hook machines distributed. 1213 take motion fitted. These supplements have improved the quality of fabric and introduced new weaving techniques in the clusters.
  • 20 Clusters sanctioned CFC & Dye house. Out of which CFC is operational in 11 places & 18 - Dye house are functional.
  • Fund Utilization: Total Amount Released to the clusters: Rs. 2896.13 Lakhs.
    Total Amount Utilized by the Clusters: Rs.2719.20 Lakhs
    %age of Utilization : 93.89