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Major Highlights of achievement up to March, 2011

  • A new product catalogue and a video film on IHCDS interventions are produced.
  • Eleven volumes of product / Fabric catalogues have been prepared and one is under process.
  • 25 awareness camps organized for formation of SHGs and disbursing information pertaining to the scheme. Silk mark/Handloom Mark awareness camps were also organized at all three pockets.  
  • A Producers Company named Banaras Hathkargha Vikas Samiti Producer Co. Ltd is formed. It has membership of Cooperative Societies and SHGs formed under the programme and individual weavers too. Producers Company registered with CCIC (supply co. no. B- 254). BHVS PCL has received IEC number [1510002944] from the o/o Jt. DGFT, Varanasi and also applied for HEPC registration.
  • Under the handloom Mark promotion scheme, 84 nos of individual weavers, 02 nos of Master weavers and 04 nos of cooperative societies registered for Handloom Mark.
  • 32 nos of dyeing workshops/ training programme conducted covering 839 dyers/weavers.
  • Fourteen numbers of Bankers meet organized to provide financial support to weavers. 
  • Clusters' Producers Company received GI for Varanasi Silk Sari in partnership with UPEA and NGO.
  • Participated in 62 numbers of Exhibitions. Total Sales realization of Rs 42, 68,480 and in the current financial year, participated in four numbers of exhibition programme and the total sale realized is Rs 754000.00 till January 2011. The major linkages were established with CCIC, HHEC, Fab-creation-Mumbai, Sarika Sarees, Monka Sarees, Hi-Design, Lifestyles, & Raw Mango etc.  
  • Sales Generated from Fab India – Rs.6.45 Lakh, Lifestyle – Rs. 6.02 Lakh, Shri. Design Studio, Hyderabad – Rs.7.41 Lakhs, Hi Design, Pondichery – Rs. 4.41 Lakhs, Monka saris and other firms - Rs. 4.05 Lakhs, Fab Creation -4.78 . Current orders in hand: Fab India – Rs.8.00 Lakh, Hi Design, Pondichery – Rs.0.35 Lakhs etc.   
  • 7 Dye – House upgraded are commercially functional at Ramnagar, Lohta and Kotwa.  
  • Design Development: Total 107 numbers of designs were developed so far.
  • Total Cumulative sales: A total cumulative sale is Rs. 549.23 Lakhs.
  • SHGs formation: 145 SHGs formed till the date covering 1731 weavers.  49 SHGs have got credit linkage worth Rs 72.58 lakhs. 72 weavers' families have got loan of Rs.21.61 lakhs, a weaver has got cash credit limit of Rs.8.00 lakhs. Thus, total Rs. 102.23 lakhs have been facilitated as credit to the weavers.
  • Yarn Bank: Total Rs. 425.20 Lakhs worth yarn supplied completing 84 cycles.
  • CFC: Operational at Kotwa  
  • Dye House: operational. [Other Six Dye Houses have been up-graded at Lohta, Ramnagar and Kotwa] and Up-gradation of four are under process.
  • 112 solar lamp has been distributed covering 112 BPL weavers families with the support of  AD(I & T) office, Varanasi

Fund Utilization:Year 2006-07 to 2010-11

Total Amount Sanctioned         : Rs.200.51 Lacs

Total Amt. released by DCH, office    : Rs.153.55 Lacs

Total Amount Utilized: Rs. 156.80 Lacs

% of utilization against fund released : 102.12