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Major Highlights up to December, 2010
  • 42 SHGs formed so far (16 by IA and 26 with support of NGO). 4 SHGs got Rs. 60,000/- each as Revolving Fund loan and 2 SHGs got Rs. 3 lakhs;
  • Created awareness among 2700 weavers & SHG members through 11 awareness meetings. The weavers were explained about the objects of the IHCDP and voiced their problems.
  • Trainings: 232 SHG women weavers of  Manamedu, Trichy and Poovalur areas trained in eight batches on Hand-emboridery for value additions on Fabrics;
  • 590 weavers trained in Handloom Jacquard Saree Weaving, Hand Embroidery Training, Pure Silk Handloom Weaving and Garments and Made ups manufacturing; About 700 weavers / weaver family members / SHG members / Master weavers trained in various activities; (160 in weaving + 245 in Hand Embroidery + 230 in Power Machine Sewing + 30 in Designing + 20 in Management + 20 in Export Procedures + 15 in dyeing + 2 in Natural dyeing).
  • 150 handloom weavers switched over from cotton saree / voile weaving to pure silk weaving and their earnings improved to the range of Rs. 3000 – 5000/- from a mere Rs. 1000 – 1500/- range also 50 handloom weavers switched over from cotton saree / voile weaving to cotton dhothy weaving and their earnings improved to the range of Rs. 2000 – 3000/- from a mere Rs. 1000 – 1500/- range.
  • Rs. 39 lakhs worth goods sold ( Rs. 5 lakhs to exporters, Rs. 1.5 lakhs to handloom house, Rs. 30 lakhs to local supplies Rs. 3.5 lakhs retail sales )
  • Rs. 300 lakhs worth sarees supplied to Co-optex since the beginning of the programme;
  • Rs. 217 lakhs (43 cycles) worth raw material cotton yarn supplied to societies and other stakeholders through the Cluster Yarn Sales Depot.
  • Manamedu Handloom Tex Consortium Producer Company Ltd is registered under Companies Act, 1956.
  • 966 weavers issued Reed and Heald sets for improving the quality of the fabrics they weave in handlooms; 37 Aspee sprayers provided to to street warper sizer; So far a total of 425 paper / cloth designs developed. 295 cloth samples developed. 12 of them have gone for commercial production
  • Dyeing Workshop conducted for the dyers of Trichy Handloom Cluster resulting in optimum use of dyes and chemicals and improved quality of dyeing and colour fastness.
  • Trichy Cluster participated in 23 International Trade Fairs and Buyer Seller Meets (in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore) and about 15 local exhibitions.
  • Common Facility Centre with Modern Dye House Project prepared and submitted for approval.[ Land was purchased by SPV at Kolakudi Village under the survey No.451/2 Application was made to TNPC Board. Site was inspected on 23/11/10 by District Environmental Engineer, TNPC Board Trichy, which banned the highly pollution industry and engineer requested not to carry out any construction activity. However SPV advised to find out alternative site for setting Dye house. O/o of the  DCH is also requested to take up the matter with TNPC vide letter dated 24/12/10]
FUND UTILIZATION:  Year 2006-07 to 2010-11
  • Total Amount Sanctioned  : Rs.  245.00 Lacs
  • Total Amt. released by DCH, office: Rs. 106.16   lakhss up to Jan.11
  • Total Amount Utilized:  Rs.88.84 Lacs (up to Dec 2010)
  • % of utilization against fund released                                    :  83.68