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Major Highlights Updated Till March, 2011

  • Supplied steel warp beam to 200 silk weavers to weave defect free Sarees and increase production and earn increased wages from Rs. 500 to 700 per month. Installed 5 winding and warping units in the cluster benefiting more than 500 weavers of Co-operative Societies.
  • Provided 335 Nos. of Motor fixed Bobbins / pirn winding Machine to weavers which helped women folk to carryout house hold works comfortably and also to earn or save Rs. 500 to 600 per month.
  • Established yarn bank supplied yarn to stake holders worth of Rs. 341 Lakhs up to 31.03.11 completing 68 cycles which benefits 1700 weavers of the cluster.
  • Supplied 22 PNEAUMATIC Jacquard lifting Machine to weavers to benefit 88 Looms enabling them to earn about Rs 700 to Rs 1000 increased wages per months.
  • Diversified 105 FDS Saree weaving looms to produce better wage earning varieties of 60s, 80s Sarees and Pure Silk Sarees. The average wage earning increase is Rs. 70 to 100/- per day.
  • Provided 280 nos of 240 Hooks Jacquard m/c to 280 Weavers which benefited to earn Rs. 1000/- more per month by weaving better designs and also arranged supply of 96 Nos. of 240 Hooks Jacquards to 96 weavers through central silk board Kancheepuram. Provided 450 no.s of Healds and Reeds to Weavers to improve quality.
  • Total Sale generated is Rs. 492.29 Lakhs. [Participated in 33 Handloom exhibition Expo's and retail sale of Rs. 47.00 Lakhs generated.
  • The implementing agency is procuring about 150 Lakhs [1.5 Crores] of handloom products produced by the cluster area societies. Conducted and participated in the buyer seller meets and order worth of 2.75 Crores received and supplied.]
  • Formed 68 Handloom weaver self help groups covering 700 weavers. 12 SHG received bank Credit of Rs. 11.80 Lakhs.
  • Formed Tiruvannamalai Handloom cluster consortium with weavers'   co-op societies, self help group and master weavers covering 2500 handloom weavers.
  • Conducted 10 Health camps in 10 pockets of weavers living villages 3015 weavers and dependents participated and benefited.
  • Conducted orientation work shop on dyeing to dyers by visiting Salem area cabinet dyeing units and Indian Institute of Handloom Technology.
  • Conducted Management training programme to office bearers of weavers' co-op societies and SHGS at Natesan Institute of co operative management Chennai and at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Textile Management, Coimbatore.
  • Organized exposure visit to Trivandrum, Chirala and Madavaram to study about long street warp sizing and new weaving techniques.
  • 20 New designs in pure silk sarees developed at Athimalai pattu Aringer Anna WCS. The WCS produced silk sarees worth of 12 lakhs in the above designs and sold. The weavers earned wage increase of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 per month by weaving the above designs.
  • Pure silk woven furnishings developed as per designs produced by the designer. Arranged Production of silk sarees with Amman Silk WCS, Durugam by Supplying Silk, Zari and Wages.

Year 2006-07 to 2010-11
Total Amount Sanctioned  :Rs. 181.95
Total Amt. released by DCH, office :Rs. 107.45 lacs upto Jan 11
Total Amount Utilized  : Rs. 115.21
% of utilization against fund released : 107.22%