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Major Highlights up to March, 2011


  • Total 94 SHGs have been formed – Coverage 1080 weavers. Credit linkages for 53 SHGs to the tune of Rs 46.47 Lakhs & another 37 individuals have availed banking linkage  of Rs.27.50 Lakhs totaling to Rs. 76.47 Lakhs.
  • Three Consortia have been formed with 1012 weavers. Namely, Jagruti Bunakar Sangh (JBS) in Sagarpali consisting of 251 members. JBS is managing the CFC & the Dye House in Sagarali. Bhulia Master Weavers Association (BMWA) in Birmaharajpur consisting of 561 members, The BMWA is jointly managing the Dye House at Birmaharajpur under the guidance of “Ikat India Producer Company Ltd” the Producer Company. Sonepur Bunakar Sangh (SBS) having 200 weavers. Barring the BMWA rest have been registered under Societies Act 1860`SBS has been actively involved in the smooth functioning of the CFC also & helping in the day to day management of the Dye House in Sagarpali.
  •  “IKAT INDIA PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED” (IIPCL) has been formed & registered under company Act 1956 bearing registration number U17121OR2010PTC011880. The designated 10 no of Board of Directors have opened up account in the Bank of Baroda, Sonepur with a paid up capital of Rs 1,00,000/- & are on the drive of collecting another Rs 10,00,000/- from the market in form of share @ Rs 100 per share as Authorized Capital.  
  • 43 awareness camps have been conducted so far in the cluster. Till date more than 3200 stake holders have been enlightened about the concept of cluster.
  • MGGBY/ ICICI Lombard: 4257 weaver families have been covered under health insurance scheme. Under ICICI Lombard scheme 246 nos have been enrolled fresh & there is a renewal of 78 artisans.
  •  On Sept 2010 a mobile health camp was organized in collaboration with ICICI Lombard in Golapara, Binka. 255 weavers had taken the benefit of the camp.
  • Wage Enhancement: With the intervention of the cluster the wages of weavers have been increased by Rs.200 per silk saree & Rs.50-100 per cotton saree respectively in the entire cluster since 2009.
  • 18 dyeing trainings have been conducted in the cluster participated by 860 weavers. It has resulted giving better colour shades with colour fast ness which was lacking earlier in the cluster.
  • 23 new colour shades using vegetable dyes have been developed from local flora and vegetations which has also found good acceptance in the market. Two Kolkata based buyers (Sri Kallol Lodh & Sri Gopal Bishoyi) have visited the cluster & shown interest in the fabrics. Cluster has already got trial order from them through the IIPCL & sample development is over & final response is awaited from them.
  • 10 weavers have been trained on Jacquards in Varanasi and 15 weavers have been trained in Sonepur in collaboration of ORMAS & SBI, Sonepur. Financial assistance has been provided to the trainees through the SBI, Sonepur. All the trainees have started weaving using Jacquards.
  • More than 250 SHG members (2-3 office bearers from each SHG) have been sensitized on concept of SHG & record keeping through 20 such meetings.
  •  20 nos of women belonging to non weaver families have been motivated & trained on Jacquard Card punching. These non weavers were deprived from earning due to lack of source earlier but after this feat they are in a position to earn Rs 1200/- to Rs 1500/- per month thus making them self sufficient. Their unit M/s Subhashree Workshop, registered under DIC, is now equipped with the supply of almost 90% of the cards for jacquards distributed recently in the cluster.
  • 539 weavers have been supplied steel reeds under PPP mode.
  • 222 nos of Jacquards have been distributed among the weavers also on PPP mode where the beneficiaries have contributed 20%.
  • 28 Banker’s Meetings have been conducted resulting to bank linkage of Rs 73.97 Lakhs.
  • 4 workshop on Design & Dyeing techniques has been conducted  for 320 participants.[2 such camps was conducted again in convergence of the WSC, BBSR]
  • Exhibition cum BSM: Total Sales – Rs 282.65 Lakhs. Sales Generated through: CCIC: 6.79 Lakh, Exhibition & BSM -204.16 Lakhs & Designer tie up –Rs 27.33 Lakhs & other buyers’ Order –44.37 Lakhs –Major Buyers are: M/s. Claudia von Hansmann from Germany, Balaj Balaji Emporium, New Delhi, Pakittu from Kerala, Shri Nanakchand Gangaram from New Delhi, and Sankari Pani from Tatanagar & Prasanna Sahu from koshalini, Bhubaneswar, Kollol Lodh from Kolkata & Priya Gopal Bishoyi with Piplab Saha also from Kolkata.
  • Product development: Total 100 Paper Designs have been developed. 39 desi gns converted in to fabrics. The rest are on production.
  • CFC / Dye House: OPERATIONAL. Construction of CFC & Dye house of Sagarpali has been completed with proper Electrification over. Lab of the CFC has all the requisite machinery installed. Water Connection provided. The CFC is operational. The machineries & the utensils have been procured for the Dye House. Soak pits, tanks in the DH, drainage, boundary wall have been constructed & the Dye House has been operational. Construction of Dye house in Birmaharajpur has been completed. The machines & utensils have been provided. The Dye House in operation in Birmaharajpur.
  • Publicity & Documentation: New product catalogue has been developed for better market linkage. A video CD depicting the Activities of IHCDP has been prepared. A TV telecast depicting the opening of the Dye House, in Birmaharajpur along with the accessories distribution has been aired by E TV on the programme Swapnara Odisha. Awareness camps have been conducted during the accessories distribution giving good publicity.
  • Handloom Mark Promotion: A work shop on Handloom Mark was conducted in the cluster & Handloom Mark for 26 weavers have been finalized from areas like Binka, Menda, Sagarpali,, BM Pur. The same for all the consortia along with the Producer Company are awaited.
  • Rs.5 Lakhs yarn supplied till the date. The issue of the Yarn depot owner has been settled now and it has been proposed that the depot will be managed by the Producer Company for effective management.
  • Order generated by out side buyers.
    • On 22nd & 23rd March 2010 two designers from Germany Ms Claudia Von Hansmann & Mr Conran had visited the cluster & have given 8 nos of designs (Saree & dupatta both on Silk and cotton). The required samples were developed & on their approval commercial production in five nos of looms in Kendupali area is on progress.   Commercial success may involve  29/30 looms in near future.
    • Two NRIs Mr.Naresh Agrawal from Hampshire, London & Mr.Pradip Bansal from Wapford London have shown interest in the fabrics of Sonepur Handloom Cluster & are willing to market the products in London .5 nos of samples have been provided to them . The samples have been accepted by them & final order is awaited.
    •  Four nos of samples (2 silk saree, 1 cotton saree & 1 silk scarf) have been given by the WSC, BBSR for production in the cluster. These samples have been supplied to the WSC on time. Further orders are awaited from them.