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Major Highlights up to March, 2011

  • Institution Building
  • 14 Consortium evolved & Capacity Building of 185 SHGs covering more than 5000 weavers.
  • Consortium registered under non-profitable Society Act
  • Three consortium developed their common product development shed
  • Association of Consortium also evolved for catering big orders , Joint participation in fairs &
  • promotion of weaver's welfare 
  • Total Sales & Orders
  • Total Sales generated Rs. 226.99 Lakhs through participation in 87 fairs
  • Total order generated is 39.89 Lakhs; Handloom House – 17.50 lakhs, CCIC – 1.5 Lakh, Other buyers – 25.50 lakh.
  • 7 consortium are participating in fairs on their own cost shows sustainability of IHCDS interventions
  • Financial Linkages
  • 2000 Euro Foreign fund support from Netherlands Govt. for Local Designers
  • Collateral free Cash Credit ( CFCC) of Rs 10 Lakhs for Weavers Consortium taking care of 300 weavers
  • Rs. 18.26 lakhs credit linkages for 38 SHG groups
  • Convergence of Scheme
  • Looms to Loom Less Weavers - Rs 16.31  Lakhs rupees promotional support from Central Silk Board & Govt of West Bengal
  • Promotion of Web portal- Rs 1.92 lakhs from DRDC, Nadia, Govt. of West Bengal
  • Promotion of Hand Embroidery & Vegetable Dyeing facilityRs 6.50 Lakhs from PMEGP, DIC , Nadia
  • Technology & Resource Transfer from Holland & Germany- Rs 30.00 Lakhsfrom PUM & SES Germany
  • Promotional Grant for Yarn Bank, Computers to Local Designers & functioning of Web Portal :- Rs 5.00 L from EXIM Bank of India
  • Skill Development
  • Total 2286 stakeholders were trained in 69 training programme in26 different categories of training were imparted
  • Weavers were trained in EDP, MDP, Packaging, Visual Merchandising, Fabric defects & Quality Assurance, Color forecast, basic computer & English training programme, GI, Handloom Mark, Vegetable dyeing training Export procedure training, Block & Screen Printing Facility etc
  • Local Weavers are now able to develop the new projects & getting credit from PMEGP etc
  • Recognition of Cluster Initiatives of Shantipur
  • Shantipur Case study was selected  as a role model of Sustainable competitive dev. in World Textiles Conference 2010 in Lithuania ( Ex USSR)
  • Chief Minister of West Bengal   shared the IHCDS project implementation in Shantipur Cluster with CDE & Cluster stakeholders in March 10 and appreciated the efforts & stressed on the need for replication in other cluster
  • Design & Product Development
  • Total 75 designs developed. 110 Prototypes &  10 motives are developed.
  • New generation fibres Lyocell, Soyabean, Organic cotton , Bamboo, linen introduced; Market Linkages established
  • Traditional Designs were revived & marketed through Fab India & Bulk order of Rs 5 Lacks received
  • 11 International Experts came for implementation of IHCDS & all of free of cost for Design &product development
  • Functioning of Yarn Bank
  • Exposure Visit
  •      Introduction of New Technology
  • New Technology was introduced first time in the cluster like Pneumatic Jacquard, Bobbin Winding Machine, Solid border sley etc
  •     Common Facility Center of Design
  • Country's first Common Facility Center (Design) or Design Studio in Consortium approach started in Shantipur. &
  • 1500 Weavers directly benefited & income increased by Rs 4000/ year
  • Local Designers income increased & time saved by 6 hrs / day
  •     Common Facility Center
  • Land was provided by SHG Federations evolved under IHCDS e.g. M/s Shantipur Lifeline HL Weavers welfare Society; Construction work is under progress. Upto 1 st Floor construction completed. Would be completed by next month
  •     Common Facility Center for Dyeing
  • All the cluster consortium unanimously selected M/s Tangail Tantujibi Unnayan Samabay Samity of Belgoria I gram Panchayat has provided 30 % contribution ( Rs  6 Lakhs) on PPP mode for up gradation of Dye house. Land was identified. Tender documents are under preparation. Would be completed by June 2011.
  •     Functioning of Yarn Bank
  • 80 cycles of 1.25 Lacks yarn (20 Cycles of Rs 5 Lacks) has been rotated so far for benefit of 675 weavers, worth of Rs. 101.48 lakhs. Benefit is reaping by three cluster groups. Another 3 yarn banks were proposed
  •     Exposure Visit
  • 9 exposure visits  to Alleppey, Kannur, Kaladi, Pochampally, Bargarh, Bhagalpur & Nuapatna , Malda, Baroda & Surat for 62  weavers
  • Shantipur Cluster Office facilitated 25 exposure visitsof other Cluster to Shantipur
  • GI For Shantipur Cluster
  • Shantipur Cluster had achieved GI Certification through Joint Efforts of Shantipur Cluster Office & Govt. Of West Bengal
  • FUND UTILIZATION:  Year 2006-07 to 2010-11

Total Amount Sanctioned: Rs.  205.25   Lacs

Total Amt. released by DCH, office: Rs. 115.70 lacs upto _March 11

Total Amount Utilized: Rs. 126.32 Lacs (upto March 11)

% of utilization against amount released: 109.17 %