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Major Highlights of achievement up to March 2011

  • 70 SHGs formed & a/c opened in different banks. 5 Women SHGs formed & a/c opened in U.B.I banks. No credit linkage
  • Consortium-3 formed. “Ashraf Bunker Sewa Kendre Society, Rasoolpur– Mubarakpur” covered 500- 700handloom weavers, & “Weavers Handloom Vikas Kendra Society covered 350 -619 handloom weavers. Purvancal handloom associations covered 1000 handloom weavers. Both are registered under Society act.1860 (col.21)
  • Signed a MOU for wage enhancement of Rs. 50-150/ per sari with consortium members.
  • 93 designs provided by the old designer. 42 new products developed. Design modifications planned for 56 fabric designs. Ms.Prerna Rathoar was appointed as new designer provided 15 paper designs. Ten prototype samples are developed.,
  • Dyeing Workshops –10 Workshops held and 430 dyers /weavers trained.
  • Weaving training     -- 3 weaving training held and 56 weavers got trained. (What is weaving?  Yarn count .preparatory process, weaving defect. costing of product.
  • Total sales through exhibition Rs.219.52 Lakh. Sales achieved through other buyers Rs.99.1 Lakhs. Total Rs. 318.53 Lakhs.
  •  Yarn Bank completed 3 cycles and the 4th cycle is under the progress. Total sale Rs.16.43 Lakhs.
  • CFC: Construction Work Completed and testing equipment purchased under the Chairman Shri A.K.Shukla DD WSC Varanasi.
  • Dye- House (Up gradation): One Dye House up gradation is completed, Machinery & equipments installed, daily dyed about 40 to 60 kg yarn. Other dye-house owner is not entrusted for up gradation.
  • Two Silk Mark workshop was conducted 28 weavers are benefited.
  • Three handloom mark workshop  was conducted 398 weavers were participated ,318 weavers got registered  and 80 weavers  waiting  for registrations

FUND UTILIZATION: Year 2006-07 to 2010-11

Total Amount Sanctioned : Rs. 178.56 Lacs

Total Amt. released by DCH, office : Rs. 154.40 Lacs

Total Amount Utilized : Rs. 129.92 Lacs (up to March.11)

% of utilization against fund released : 84.14%