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  • 58 SHGs formed through 3 NGOs with 878 weavers in the cluster. Bank loan and revolving fund (RF) facilitated to 38 SHGs with Vijaya Bank, Cuddalore Dist Central Cooperative Bank, Indian Bank and DRDA @ Rs.20, 000 to Rs.60, 000/- per group for facilitating individual productions. (Total loan and RF Value Rs. 24.80 lakh )       
  • Consortium formed under Society's Act with 700 members among weavers Co-operative Societies and Master weavers.
  • Export order obtained for 1665 Organic cotton lunghies from U.K. buyer for FOB value Rs.4.64 lakh and shipment made through Co-optex
  • Export order received for 30000 cotton lunghies from SPAIN buyer for FOB value Rs.67.50 lakh and produced in the cluster societies. Shipment made through            Co-optex.
  • Achieved wage increase of Rs.18/- for the production of 2/100s new quality shirting & Rs.12/- per day for Organic Cotton export order lunghies for 50 lunghy looms / weavers by replacing previous 60s x 40s quality shirting & Lunghy.
  • Achieved wage increase of Rs. 600 to 1000 per month for 151 silk looms / weavers by using cluster Jacquard machines by replacing old conventional ADAI type of weaving System depending upon type of design & skill of the weavers.
  • Quality of products improved due to replacement of old heald and reed sets supplied from the cluster for 1544 looms / weavers.
  • Through Cluster Yarn Bank So far 21300 bundles of quality yarn worth of Rs.197.00 lakh has been supplied to 2000 weavers in the Cooperative societies & Master weavers as per their needs through NHDC. (39 times fund rotated)
  • Five Medical camps and two Special Eye camps conducted in 7 pockets benefiting 884 (566+318) aged weavers. 126 Eye - glasses distributed to 126 weavers improving their vision capacity.
  • New products & Designs Developed in [Total 159 designs developed.] 1) 2/100s quality readymade shirt - 52 Nos,  2) Spl. Combed lunghy – 39 Nos, 3) Natural colour dyed shirts – 5 Nos,  4)  Silk X Cotton mixed Sarees – 3 Nos, 5) Payadi design shirts - 13 Nos, 6) 2/100s cotton Sarees - 10 Nos, 7) Vegetable colour dyed silk Sarees - 2 Nos,  8) Organic cotton export lunghy – 10 Nos. 9) churidar sets – 17, 10) Silk Sarees - 8 and introduced for sales. Order obtained for 2100 shirts & 5200 Lunghies from Co-optex.
  • Two banker's meeting conducted with NABARD, Indian Bank, Dist. Central bank for credit linkage for working capital
  • Two Dyeing and Orientation Workshop conducted, through Weavers Service Centre, Chennai and Technical Resource person resulting in improved quality of dyeing with colour fastness
  • Twin shuttle drop box weaving training imparted for check pattern weaving to 220 weavers to increasing production and wages.
  • Participated in 27 exhibitions / 13 Buyer Seller Meets and over all products worth Rs. 242.70 lakh (Rs.51.53 lakh & 191.17 lakh) were sold in the exhibitions.
  • 210 High speed motorized bobbin & Pirn winding machines has been supplied to 210 weavers for increasing the winding process.
  • 4.00 Lakh numbers of Handloom Mark Labels with tagging guns Purchased from Textiles Committee, Chennai and distributed to the 25 societies for adoption and promotion of Handloom Mark Labels.
  • Two exposure visits was made to ECOTEX, Trivandrum and Kannur for studying of consortia model along with 20 stake holders.
  • Created awareness among 3000 weavers & SHG members through 14 awareness meetings. The attendance was able to understand the objects of the IHCDP and voiced their problems.
  • Five Exposure visits to Chennimalai / Bhavani  for product diversification, Wandhavasi for pedal loom weaving adoption, Arni & Chirala (AP)  for adoption of solid border Korvai weaving technique
  • As decided in the DCH review meeting held on 10.2.2011 at New Delhi, the setting up of Common Facility centre (CFC) is dropped since it is not viable in this single product lunghy cluster and the sanctioned amount for CFC will be utilized for hard interventions which give direct benefits / impact to the weavers.
  • The Dye house is dropped due to insufficient fund & Pollution Control Board's norms and strict conditions.