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Major Highlights up to March, 2011

  • 199 SHGs formed covering 2738 weavers. 50 SHGs received loan worth Rs.15 lakhs and 20 SHGs received loan of Rs.16.80 lakhs.
  • 852 weavers covered under the Health insurance scheme.
  • 134 awareness camps have been conducted covering 2780 weavers.
  • One-day awareness camp organized on Handloom Mark at Imphal.
  • Exposure visit  to clusters viz; Shantipur (Nadia) and Burdwan. Around  20 weavers benefitted  from such Visits by adopting better weaving techniques.
  • Documentation for G I registration completed.
  • 9 dyers workshop conducted involving 225 weavers.
  • Two Market consortiums formed ;  viz. Imphal East  Weavers Marketing Federation & Gulab Advance Centre for Empowerment & Development
  • Publicity such as cluster paper bags, product catalogue, and brochures etc has been developed.
  • 182 designs developed  by the designer & Sales generated Rs.3.3 Lakhs through the efforts of designer
  • Total sales realization  is Rs.115.85 lakhs which includes realization from BSMs and Exhibition  is Rs  106.77 lakhs,  from other buyers is Rs 8.81 lakhs and from Handloom House is Rs  0.27 lakhs.
  • Rotation of Yarn :  25 Cycles [ viz; Rs 125 lakhs, weavers benefitted  - 2980 weavers]
  •  CFC  and Dye House : Construction completed and running successfully.

FUND UTILIZATION: Year 2006-07 to 2010-11

Total Amount Sanctioned      :  Rs. 191.00 Lacs

Total Amt. released by DCH, office: Rs. 176.00 lacs upto March'11

Total Amount Utilized : Rs. 157.387 Lacs (upto March'11)

% of utilization against fund released      : 89.4