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Major Highlights up to March, 2011

  • 200 SHGs formed covering Total 1959 Members. [Male members1311, Female members 648] Exclusive women group 35.
  • Weavers were organized in the form of SHG's and further federated in the form of Producer Company for joint procurement of Raw material, Production and Marketing. Chanderi Handlooms Cluster Development Producers Company Ltd. is registered with 249 Share Holders (237 weavers and 12 weaver's SHG) @ Rs. 1000/- per Share. Company was registered in May 2008 and now engaged in procurement, production and Marketing of Chanderi weave. Performance of the company is well and declared dividend of Rs. 1000/- for last two years as against the Share of Rs. 1000/-.This year's sale is around 75 lacs
  • Services of NIFT Designer Mr. Sanjay Garg have been hired for the development of new designs and to create the linkages with buyers. He has developed 148 new designs for Chanderi sarees and Dress material so far. Rs 67.76 Lakhs of Sales + Order realized with the exclusive effort of the Designer.
  • Capacity of 703 Weavers/ SHG Members/Producer Company has been strengthened by conducting 24 no. of training programmes in Marketing, Salesmanship, Accounting, Vision Building, Business Plan etc.
  • 575 weavers were trained in the good practices of dyeing and the process of dyeing with VAT colours, Vegetable colours and other forms of Dyeing through 22 training programmes.
  • Capacity of 30 Local designers has also been enhanced by providing 5 month training on AUTO CAD. Most of them are performing well and creating new designs as per the market requirements.   
  • Participated in Total 108 exhibitions across the country and 18 Buyer Seller Meet organized wherein sales + orders worth Rs 321.27 Lakhs realized
    Major Buyers are Lifestyles, Raw mango, UTSAV, KAMLA, Sutra Mktg. Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, Tehliani Designs, SHADES OF INDIA , Ahilya Creations, Mumbai REALM EXPORTS, PANTALOON, Ayushi Exports, CCIC , Mrignayni and Handloom House.
  • Catalogues of new developed designs prepared in Digital, Fabric and printed form to support the marketing efforts.
  • To improve the quality of the fabric and enhance the productivity of the weaver, 700 Take Motions are installed on the looms engaged in plain weave. Fitting of Take up Motions on the looms helped weavers to maintain the structure and overall quality of the fabric and rolls the fabric automatically on the roller thus saves the time which in turn increases the productivity of the weaver by 20-25%.
  • Common Facility Center was constructed in 3000 Sq. ft. in the heart of the chanderi and machines were installed to facilitate the weavers of the Cluster at nominal user charges. Cost of CFC is Rs. 19.00 lacs. It was completed a year back and put to use for the benefit of the weavers.  It is being used for

1. Sample development

2. Showcasing of new designs for the cluster weavers, visitors and buyers

3. Conducting meetings and organizing Training programes for SHG & producer co. members.

4. Testing of Yarn and fabric.

5. Operating Colour & Yarn Bank

6. Operating Cluster Development Executive office.

  • To ensure the quality dyeing at nominal charges, Dye House with expenditure of 11.50 lacs was constructed and machines were installed. Dye house is and operational for more than a Year. Quality dying is being done in required quantities as per the need of weavers by the trained dyers.  Around 75 K.G. of yarn dyed every day. VAT, ACID and VEGITABLE Dyeing at reasonable charges are being done.
  • 4 No. of warping Sheds (3 in Chanderi and 1 in Pranpur) constructed to facilitate the weavers to make warp drums in all the seasons as street warping is not possible in rainy and acute summer seasons.

Welfare Schemes

  • 2141 weavers at Chanderi and 1000 weavers at Gwalior are insured under Health insurance Scheme of ICICI Lombard and 219 weavers at Chanderi and 110 weavers at Gwalior are insured under MGBBY during the year 2009-10.

Fund Utilization

Year 2006-07 to 2010-11

Total Amount Sanctioned : Rs.182.95 Lacs

Total Amt. released by DCH, office : Rs. 128.35 lacs

Total Amount Utilized : Rs.173.25 Lacs

% of utilization against fund released : 134.98