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Major Highlights up to March 2011

  • Total 215 SHGs formed covering 1471 persons. Total credit linkage is Rs.414.00 Lakhs. 75 SHGs with 1500 weavers- have been formed, trained, financed Under SGSY.
  • 140 Joint Liabilities groups have been formed & trained, 75 SHGs (having 750 weavers as members) have got loans of Rs.2.00 lakhs per group at 50% subsidy under the SGSY project.
  • One Consortium named Bijoynagar Sipini Unnayan Samiti having 215 f SHGs, 7 cooperatives, 20 master weavers have been formed and the registered under Societies act.
  • 2 Exposure visits conducted at Shantipur and Burdwan cluster.
  • 4 Nos. documentary film made to give a full overview of Bijoynagar Cluster and its rich heritage of ERI & Muga Silk weaving, reeling and dyeing.
  • 4 nos. Exclusive product catalogue on diversified products of Eri and Muga Silk Developed. 5 nos. cluster catalogue on different fabrics, swatches and running materials developed. 2 Nos. of handbook on weaving, silk reeling and spinning developed.3 Nos. of book published depicting   handloom activity of rural weavers.
  • Weavers Insurance- the process of Insurance have started and about 1100 weavers have got covered under the weavers' insurance scheme.
  • 461 Weavers of Different SHGs/JLGs have been trained to work with jacquard looms by 20 trainings
  • 21 trainings were conducted on dyeing practices for 330 weavers.
  • 75 Nos. of SHGs received improved weaving accessories in the cluster such as jacquard, warping drum, charkha, etc. This has resulted increase of productivity and thus wages enhanced.
  • TRAINING: 315 members of SHG & JLG have been trained on managerial training; 145 office bearers of SHGs have been trained on Export procedures.
  • Total Sales and Orders worth Rs 85.28 Lakhs achieved so far. [Rs 55.50 Lakhs through Exhibitions and BSMs while Rs 36.10 Lakhs by sales / tie-up with other buyers].
  • Order generated by present designer Rs. 25.00 lakhs.
  • 86 nos of new products were developed by present designer, 7 products catalogues developed containing 120 nos of fabric samples.
  • Tarali yarn depot - Bijoynagar supplied yarn worth Rs 56.40 Lakhs -11 cycles benefiting 5500 weavers.
  • 25 nos. of local designer undergone Computer Aided Training (CAD) of Handloom.
  • CFC/Dye house - Construction is completed, CAD/CAM centre started, Dye House machineries are installed. 2 Looms with Jacquard have been procured. New Designs can be made on this loom. It has computer facility for design input. CFC & Dye House is functional.
  • Quality Control lab: (Clock metre, Tensil strength Tester, GSM round Cutter, SDC Grey Scale for change in colour, SDC Grey scale assessing Assetting, PH metre table top, Beasley balance, Twiest Tester manual single yarn, Twiest texter manual for 25-250 mm), Digital light fastness tester-Fixed Drum, Washing fastness tester-MS/SS-4 X 550 ml, warp reel-maual

FUND UTILIZATION:   Year 2006-07 to 2010-11

Total Amount Sanctioned : Rs. 230.20

Total Amt. released by DCH, office  : Rs. 139.50 Lakhs up to Jan 11

Total Amount Utilized : Rs. 139.876

% of utilization against amount released : 100