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             Major Highlights up to March 2011

  • 5 consortiums have been formed covering 27 master weavers and 2199 weavers.
    • Top Ten Bijnore Handloom Manufacturers Consortium- Sahaspur With 11 Master Weavers Covering 550 Weavers
    • Diamond Handloom Weavers Vikas Sanstha- Rawana Sikharpur- With 9 Master Weavers Covering 400 Weavers
    • Sunrise Handtex- Nehtor- With 7 Master Weavers Covering 360 Weavers
    • Lucky Handloom Weavers Vikas Sanstha- Chandpur- With 6 Master Weavers Covering 120 Looms
    • SPV by Name Bijnor H/L Weavers Services registered as Public limited Company for managing CFC and dye House
  • SPV named ‘ Bijnore Handloom Weavers Services Public Limited’ has been registered as a public limited company  for managing the CFC and dye house Shares of Rs.10 each worth Rs 25 lacs floated in the market
  • CFC – Construction work completed, Dye House Civil construction of Dye House completed.
  • 2 Quality up-gradation training conducted for 98 weavers.
  • Dobby designs development training- 125 weavers. Hand blocks Printing-150 weavers Export procedure training - 45 master weavers.
  • Dyeing training – 65 weavers
  • 25% production increased due to Five Wheel take-up motion establishments. 20 set of take-up motion installed.
  • Design Development: Total 204 new Designs developed so far. Four new co-ordinate sets developed. Exclusive effort of designer has led to business tie-up with Sahi Expots, Faridabad. Home and we, Delhi etc; Generated orders worth Rs. 143.57 lakhs. Dobby fabric order worth Rs. 45000/- received from Hanun.
  • Total Cumulative sales: Rs 277.53 Lakhs, which includes Exhibition -& BSM – Rs 71.44 Lakhs and orders, Rs 181.54 Lakhs through different buyers and Rs 24.65 lakhs through handloom house. Major buyers were: Shahi Exports, Faridabad, Home and We, Delhi, Balaji Handloom, Rajasthan, Laxmi Handloom, Delhi.
  • Handloom mark 56 Societies registered. & 78,000 labels sold
  • SHGs formation: Total 40 SHGs formed covering 540 weavers so far.
  • Yarn Bank: Total Rs. 72.00 lakhs worth yarn supplied completing 14 cycles and 1100 weavers benefited.

FUND UTILIZATION: Year 2006-07 to 2010-11

Total Amount Sanctioned : Rs.185.00 Total

Amt. released by DCH, office : Rs. 121.70 lacs up to Jan 11

Total Amount Utilized : Rs.115.19

% of utilization against amount released   : 94.65