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Major Highlights up to 31ST March 2011

  • 145 handloom weavers SHG formed, covering around 1907 weavers. Account opened.
  • There are 3 consortiums with membership of 1649 weavers, one Producers Company ARPAN Grameen Handloom Weavers Producers company registered.
  • Signed a MOU for wage enhancement of Rs. 2/mtr/pcon fabric & Rs.20 per piece on Sari with consortium members for 1503 weavers. Per month wage enhancement is Rs. 240-275/-.
  • 4550 weavers’ family insured in ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Scheme, 925 weavers insured in Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojana
  • 12 meetings with bankers were organized in which 29 bankers attended.
  • 53 SHG got revolving fund of Rs. 25,000 each, total amount Rs.13.25 lakhs and 109 weavers got credit cards of Rs. 27.25 lakhs along with Rs 4.00 Lakhs cash credit facility to consortium, Total amount Disbursed Rs.41 lakhs.
  • Skill development training for 280 weavers in 14 batches in printing, dyeing and Jacquard.
  • 5 Batches of Weavers training through WSC, Bhagalpur. 100 weavers trained. 20 numbers of jacquard provided to the weavers by the State Govt.
  • 8 trainings on management of Cooperative/federations organized - 580 weavers participated. Export related training organized for 60 members of associations.
  • Total sales & Order generated Rs. 276.38 Lakhs [Sales & order generated through: Handloom House: Rs 5.33 Lakhs, CCIC : Rs 13.17 Lakhs, Other Agencies/Buyers: Rs. 60.15 Lakhs, 90 Nos Exhibition & BSM: Rs 174.33 Lakhs,through Web-site: 23.40 Lakhs.]
  • Total Desings-131 introduced. Total 278 sample developed .50 garment designs (Apparels) produced.
  • Yarn Bank Status –Yarn worth Rs 36.50lakhs supplied – weavers benefited – 1380.  
  • CFC / Dye house – Functional - Dyed yarn: Cotton: 962 KG, Silk Yarn 2819 KG, Acrylic & others: 1332 KG, Total: 5113 KG, Revenue earned Rs. 7.13 lakhs.
  • 2 cluster weavers awarded from National Merit Certificate for production of Sari of new designs in the year 2007 & 2008.
  • Handloom Mark promotion: 1 workshop organized. 102 SHG, 12 individuals, 4 Cooperative Societies & 3 Consortium get Registered other 45 SHG has been submitted to Textiles Committee Kolkata for registration process.
  • 1 retail outlet of cluster products opened in the prime location of Bhagalpur city (Sri Ram Complex, Khalifabag chawk) with Brand Name of “Hathkagha”. Total retail sales generated through this out let is Rs. 20.31 Lakhs. One more retail outlet (Branch of Hathkargha) opened in the NTPC Townsship, Kahalgaon.
  • Bhagalpur Tassar Silk Saree & Fabric registered under GI Registration & protection Act, class- 24, clause- 25.
  • We have provided a solar charging station with 50 lantern to weavers of Village Bade logain run through  SHG to provide working environment in extra time, this village has no electricity till today ( Technical help TERI & Financial help of NNABARD)
  • 135 European Tourist visited the cluster units & purchased products worth 10.09 lakhs  during last 2 winter with the coordination of  m/S Pandava Cruise pvt. Ltd. England & Indian Tourism Development Corporation through River Ganga. (attached copy of the mail of a Australian Tourist who will coming in the month of August 2011 


Total amount sanctioned :Rs. 234.89 lakhs

Total amount released by DCH Office:Rs. 175.99 lakhs

Total amount utilized till March2011:Rs. 160.19 lakhs

% of utilization : 91%