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Major Highlights On Achievements Up To March, 2011

  • 104 nos. of SHG (48 new & 56 existing SHG) covering 1304 weavers formed & strengthened. All the groups are bank linked. Formation of SHG federation under progress.
  • 04 consortium covering 850 weavers, 123 Master Weavers and 10 PWCS formed. They are  i) Gangadhar Meher Ikat Club, Bijepur(registered under Self Help Co-op. Act 2001), ii) Jhiliminda Traditional Weaver's Group, Jhiliminda (registered under Self Help Co-op. Act 2001), iii) Sambalpuri Bunkar Sangha, Bargarh, iv) Sambalpuri Ikat Handloom Park, Bargarh.
  • 65 nos. of awareness camp on Cluster Activities / Insurance, 3 banker's meeting, 9 CDCG meeting, 4 seminars on Handloom Marks Logo / Export Procedure organized.
  • 7025 weaver's family enrolled under HIS through ICICI, Lombard. 10 free OPDs and 5 free IPDs are running to provide free medical facilities. Medi-claim of Rs. 45.5 lakhs reimbursed through A/c Payee Cheque.
  • 4395 weavers enrolled under MGBBY. 59 Death Claims settled amounting to Rs.35.40 lakhs. 690 school children received monthly stipend @Rs.100/- per month as additional benefit. Besides, 14,500 adult weavers have been issued Weaver's Photo  Id Card under State Plan Scheme.
  • 455 nos. of individual weavers sanctioned loan of Rs. 104.50 lakhs under Swarojgari / Artisan Credit Card Scheme and 72 SHG sanctioned loan worth Rs.140.00 lakhs.
  •  26 PWCS / SHG / Master Weavers received Handloom Mark Logo Certificates from Textiles Committee.
  • Additional Sales of Rs.1473.29 lakhs generated out of which exhibition sale is Rs.167.98 lakhs through participation in 93 exhibitions /  events and Boyanika sale is Rs. 1305.06 lakhs. Two Sales Centre renovated as a result the sales of cluster products enhanced significantly.
  • CCIC, New Delhi linked with the cluster and 109 no's of design samples have been selected for continuous supply of cloth to CCIC, New Delhi.
  • 150 new products developed by the two professional designers engaged in the cluster.  80 designs are commercially produced by different stakeholders. Existing Design simplified thereby savings of Rs.50-60 per sari.
  • CFC is functional -  i) Quality Testing Laboratory (QTL) - installed with modern testing equipments ii) Cluster Information Centre (CIC) - Well equipped with books and periodicals in the library and  regularly used by the stakeholders. Iii) Dyestuff & Chemical Bank - 2062 kgs of dyes /chemicals purchased from NHDC out of which 735 kg.  used by the stakeholders.
  • Dye House is functional. Water Softening Plant installed. Vegetable Dyeing Unit set up. About 100 kgs. of yarns per day are dyed in the dye house.
  • Raw Material Bank set up in the cluster. Yarn transaction worth Rs.56.20 lakhs taken place. 12 cycles completed. 450 weavers benefited
  • One multi-colored Product Catalogue of 1200 copies and 1000 copies of Cluster broachers developed. One video film produced on cluster interventions.
  • 175 weavers undergone technical and managerial training from various professional institutes of National and International repute like NIRD, Hyderabad, IIHT, Varanasi / Salem, UICT, Mumbai, EDII, Bhubaneswar
  • 108 weavers taken for Exposure Visits to well performed Clusters outside the State. Due to Exposure Visits, New Technology adopted in the Cluster. For Example, Mechanised Pre-loom machines like Bobbin Winding M/c, Short Warping M/c, Long Warping M/c, High Speed Charkha could be installed in the cluster.
  • 222 modern pre-loom machines installed. Productivity increased by 30-40% and average monthly income enhanced by Rs.2500/- before cluster intervention.
  • 150 improved dobby installed. Product quality improved.
    • 250 weavers provided with Work shed – cum – Housing @Rs.35,000/- per beneficiary.
    • 120 weavers taken for exposure visits outside the State.
    • 260 weavers provided with training on Weaving, Dyeing and Tie & Dyeing. 8 SHG training covering 220 weavers organised on maintenance of books and records of the group.
    • 550 weavers provided with modern pre-loom machines to improve quality and increase productivity.
    • 14,500 adult weavers have been issued Weaver's Photo Id Card freely.
    • 30 SHGs provided with marketing support @Rs.5,000/- per group to participate in various marketing events like DLE, N.H.Expo etc.
    • Three Cabinet Dyeing M/cs having capacity 225 kgs installed in the Dye House of Sambalpuri Bastralay at Bargarh with State Govt. support.
    • Cluster has been applied for G.I. registration for brand building through IIT Kharagpur and hearing is over. Expected to receive G.I. certificate within a month.

Fund Utilization: Year 2006-07 to 2010-11

Total Amount Sanctioned         : Rs. 176.00  Lacs

Total Amt. released by DCH, office    : Rs. 111.97375   lacs upto Mar'11

Total Amount Utilized : Rs.111.19402 Lacs (upto Mar'11) towards developmental activity and Rs           641332/- towards I.A. share

% of utilization against fund released: 105.03